Jason C. Lafayette
Senior Project Consultant
Environmental Services
Jason C. Lafayette serves as a Senior Project Consultant in SME’s environmental services group. He has 15 years of environmental experience performing and managing environmental due diligence and remediation projects throughout Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. He is an expert in assessment and management of hazardous building materials and vapor intrusion risks. He enjoys partnering with developers, business owners, and prospective purchasers to understand their project objectives, identify their environmental and business risks, and design creative strategies to overcome development challenges and reduce project costs.

Jason is accredited as an asbestos inspector and management planner in Michigan and Ohio, and as an asbestos project designer in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. He has worked on several complex soil, gas and methane projects to provide site assessment and develop successful remediation strategies to facilitate safe and economical site redevelopment. He has a passion for building construction and assisting with the redevelopment of abandoned, dilapidated, urban properties to provide safer areas, promote neighborhood beautification, and stimulate an enriched and unified community growth.

Since joining SME in 2005, Jason has progressed from providing environmental field services to becoming a key resource for design of complex, subsurface, environmental investigation strategies, and managing asbestos and hazardous materials assessment projects.

In his spare time Jason enjoys, hunting, camping, playing softball, and vacationing with his family. Jason also plays golf and enjoys watching professional baseball and football.