Kevin M. Whalen, PE is an expert in the evaluation of concrete and steel structures (e.g. parking structures and multi-level buildings), performing property condition assessments (PCA) of properties and buildings, evaluating the condition of building façades, and determining as-built conditions of existing structures with the use of destructive and non-destructive methods. Kevin also performs consulting and project management duties to assist the client during the restoration process. With 21 years of experience, he manages, consults and provides engineering evaluations for numerous projects involving the analysis of building components which includes concrete, masonry, and structural steel materials. Kevin has a BS degree in Civil Engineering from Michigan Technological University and is a registered Professional Engineer in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, and Ohio.

Kevin’s expertise lies in performing condition assessments and providing recommendations to extend the life of any structure which also includes consulting throughout the project to make sure the project is a success from the day the client first contacts him to the completion of the restoration work. He has conducted numerous evaluations of existing structures throughout Michigan and has also performed façade condition reviews at project sites. Furthermore, he has provided assistance to potential purchasers of properties by performing property condition assessments at properties throughout Michigan, Tennessee and Texas.

Kevin is also skilled in performing assessments and determining current as-built conditions of concrete structures/components with the use of non-destructive testing methods which includes projects throughout the country and internationally. He has a knack for providing sound engineering solutions to problems that are also friendly to the client’s budget. Kevin is driven by helping clients and making their problems into success stories. Kevin is excited to see the final product in use after repair work to a structure is completed and to see a structure that had issues, or was unusable, become a renewed bustling center of activity. “If my client have a smile on their face, where before there was stress, then I know I’ve done a good job.”


Renovation and conversion of historic office building

Renovation project restored the character of the historic David Whitney Building and converted it into an upscale hotel, apartment and retail complex.