Mark Quimby serves as a Senior Consultant for SME’s environmental services group specializing in brownfield redevelopment and managing complex multi-disciplinary projects. He helps clients overcome financial, logistical, regulatory, and environmental risk hurdles to make deals happen. He leverages his 12 years of experience to assist clients in navigating the complex interplay between regulations, brownfield site conditions, incentive procurement and management, and implementation of remediation/construction activities. Mark's approach is to listen to his clients, understand the big picture and their vision, and then convert that understanding into a plan to achieve their vision. He consults with clients though preliminary incentive packaging, site characterization and cleanup, and environmental/construction integration. His numerous successful projects have included redevelopment of state, RCRA, TSCA and RACER Trust sites into award-winning residential, commercial and industrial uses.

Since joining SME in 2005, Mark has built a reputation for problem solving and providing direct and honest consulting to his clients. His repeat clients know they will get the answers they need to hear to make their business decisions. Mark’s philosophy is: how can we integrate the environmental conditions into development planning and construction as cost efficiently as possible to use the property safely? He has helped numerous clients successfully work through vapor intrusion, PCB, soil management, NAPL and other complex site challenges.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys outdoor activity, spending time with his family, and learning every day. Curiosity is his driving force. There are always new things to learn and new problems to solve. He also enjoys keeping up on current events and advances in science.


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