Ronald K. Pelkie, CDT performs building enclosure condition assessments, facility asset management assessments, evaluates existing roofing and waterproofing systems, and provides design documents for rehabilitation strategies. He is a certified Construction Document Technologist with the Construction Specifications Institute and a Level I Infrared Thermographer. He also completed the “Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Training” and “Quality Assurance Administrator Program” course presented by the Air Barrier Association of America, and is affiliated with the Roof Consultants Institute. Ron has a BS in Microbiology and Public Health.

Ron’s 28 years of experience at SME has given him the ability to respond quickly to solve the client’s issues on project sites by assessing job site conditions, developing a plan of action and providing practical solutions in a timely manner without taking shortcuts or over complicating the project. He has been providing infrared services for more than 22 years and has developed a knack for interpreting thermal images, as well as identifying and solving problematic leaks that others could not resolve. When assessing roofing systems and waterproofing, and during leak investigations, Ron has made it a habit of looking beyond the obvious, and considers other potential transitions and building enclosure components without predetermined opinions in order to develop a holistic approach to remedial actions and project design strategies. Ron focuses on cost effective solutions to ensure watertight building enclosures and doing his best to leave every client happy and dry.

Ron likes to incorporate redundancy in detailing and using simple solutions that have less potential for failure than complex transitions between differing materials and building components. However, he will often go beyond the minimum requirement to provide solutions that provide enhanced protection when needed. Ron is a major contributor to SME’s excellent track record of roofing assemblies, waterproofing, through-wall flashing and other building enclosure projects completed without call backs.

Ron’s expertise came into play at a hospital that had leakage into a truck dock for over ten years. The prior focus for the leakage was on the lower roof level built-up membrane. After reviewing the situation with the owner’s representative, Ron discovered that the coping on the parapet on the roof one level above was not at the same level as the window sill on the tower it was supposed to transition to. In the masonry above the flashing on the lower roof, Ron also found there were no end dams in the copper through-wall flashings at the building corner directly beneath the deficient wall transition above. Ron’s solution was to remove part of the limestone coping and have a new coping cut to bevel down to the window sill. The transition was wrapped with self-adhering elastomeric flashing and made watertight. Finally, a new stone coping, additional elastomeric flashing and a lead coated copper V-crimped expansion cover was installed. He also recommended removing and replacing the through-wall flashings at the lower roof, as well as replacing the old built-up roofing with a single-ply roofing system. To date, there has been no further leakage. This is an example of a generally small project that provided significant dividends to the hospital by stopping persistent leakage and water damage.

Ron enjoys reading, building puzzles, camping and fishing with his children. To de-stress he likes to ride his Superfly 29’er through the woods on scenic single-track trails because, “you need to focus only on the next stretch of trail ahead of you with no distraction, which clears the head, reduces stress and keeps me young.”