Sara I. Bals, EIT
Senior Project Engineer
Environmental Services
Sara I. Bals, EIT provides consulting services for brownfield redevelopment projects, environmental due diligence services related to property acquisition, and liable party site investigations/monitoring and remediation. Sara has experience in a broad range of tasks related to brownfield redevelopment and assessment grants and financing, grant management activities, environmental due diligence (Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments), regulatory reporting, Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reporting, and other related environmental and/or subsurface assessment activities. Sara joined SME in 2006 and is an Environmental Professional (EP) as defined by U.S. EPA 40 CFR Part 213, Standards and Practices All Appropriate Inquiry regulations. She has a BS degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering and an MS degree in Environmental Engineering.

Sara is a member of the Air & Waste Management Association and the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society. Sara is known throughout her profession for her attention to detail, her ability to solve complicated issues and to organize, coordinate and execute the numerous aspects of a project efficiently. She takes pride in her ability to sort through the plethora of information within complex projects, to condense and summarize the salient points, and assisting clients in reaching a solution to their problem in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

In her spare time, Sara is a health and fitness fanatic who takes every opportunity to embrace the outdoors and area trails, train in the gym with her favorite group of women, or practice yoga on her own. She also enjoys photography and is slowly learning the art of gardening. Sara is interested in supporting and mentoring young women and encouraging them to explore careers in the fields of science and technology.


City of Muncie: 45 Years of Vision Leads to Redevelopment

The City of Muncie's revitalization plan includes the Kitselman Trailhead, a new eastern gateway to the City. SME worked closely with this Indiana community to assess 51 acres of blighted buildings and former landfills.