Safety Matters Every Day - Defensive Driving Techniques

06.27.17   Mark A. Halloway, OHST | More by this Author

Safety Matters Every Day - Defensive Driving Techniques

Traveling to and from the project site or office is one aspect of safety that is often taken for granted. Like all other job skills, driving requires continuous practice and improvement.

Each day, SME has hundreds of vehicles on the road. To ensure our team is prepared for and enthusiastic about the task, we include driving in our safety training program. Sure, we address the common issues like wearing safety belts, obeying speed limits, being cautious at intersections, staying alert and focused, and allowing ample stopping distance. But we also take time to teach practical safe driving techniques. For example, SPACE: Speed, Patience, Awareness, Concentration, and Exit. While it may seem like common sense, these simple reminders can prevent tragic accidents.

To reinforce this message, we took our team to the exciting M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan, for some “hands-on-the-wheel” defensive driving instruction. After a bit of classroom training, the group took to the track to practice several different vehicle handling techniques including lane changing, reverse driving, and wet/dry braking.

Click here to watch highlights from the day!

For more information about SME’s safety culture, contact Safety Director Mark Halloway, OHST, or Safety Specialist Luke Hamel.

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