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08.16.19   Robert C. Rabeler, PE | More by this Author, Jeffery M. Krusinga, PE, GE | More by this Author

Lake Michigan Shoreline Erosion: Rising Water Levels Wreaking Havoc

The water level in Lake Michigan is near all-time high levels right now, causing significant erosion to the shoreline. Unfortunately, this loss of ground has resulted in failure of shoreline structures including stairways, decks, and even total loss of houses.

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06.24.19   Bret B. Stuntz | More by this Author

Vapor Intrusion - 5 Factors of Successful Remediation

Vapor intrusion (VI) is a complex environmental issue that is growing in significance for owners and developers of contaminated properties. In previous blogs, SME has provided insight on understanding VI. We continue this conversation with a series of entries on how to manage the many factors involved in developing a remediation approach.