BUILD Act Increases Funding for Brownfield Redevelopment


BUILD Act Increases Funding for Brownfield Redevelopment

SME is pleased to note that the Brownfields Utilization, Investment, and Local Development Act (BUILD Act) was included in the FY 2018 Spending Bill signed by President Trump on March 23. The Build Act is important to our brownfields stakeholders since it reauthorizes the successful EPA’s Brownfields program, expands brownfields grant eligibility to non-profits and brownfield sites acquired prior 2002, increases Cleanup Funding and authorizes multi-purpose grants. 

Highlights of the BUILD Act:

  • Reauthorizes the Brownfield program at the same authorized funding level — $250 million per year — through fiscal 2023
    Authorizes up to $20,000 in technical assistance grants to eligible entities in small communities (less than 15,000 population), Indian tribes, rural areas and disadvantaged areas;
  • Expands the eligibility for Brownfields grants for nonprofit organizations to include certain nonprofit organizations, limited liability corporations, limited partnerships and community development entities;
  • Increases the funding limit for remediation grants from $200,000 to $500,000 for each site, with some exceptions for higher funding;
  • Authorizes multi-purpose grants up to $1 million (inventory, characterization, assessment, planning, remediation) at one or more sites in an area, which provide greater certainty for long-term project financing;
  • Relieves state and local governments from liability under certain circumstances if they own a contaminated site but did not cause the contamination;
  • Allows eligible entities to use up to 5% of their Brownfields grant funding for administrative costs; and
  • Incentivizes revitalization of waterfront sites and clean energy development on brownfields

For more information on how your redevelopment project can benefit from the funds available from the BUILD Act, contact SME’s Brownfield Redevelopment experts.